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Saturday, December 12, 2009

So its time for some new music!
Has your itunes been missing that certain *spark to keep you jamming *NON STOP.
Well with Discover and Download iaim to inspire your body to move in a rapid motions of fury.DDalways has new music which you might have overlooked or*never heard and *Sometimes old jams which you've long forgotten about.!! So its easy as this.

*1.Look at the List of songs below
*2.Click the song title.
*3.Follow the link
*4.Download and Discover
All links are safe , virus scanned and perfect.

*Travis Porter.All The Way Turnt Up
*Travis Porter'New Boyz.Call Ya
*Wiz Khalifa.Walking On A Dream
*KEE$HA.Take it Off

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Wifee *Nicki Minaj did an interview with Complex Mag check check check it out.

When asked about her upcoming album the femcee had this to sayy:
“To answer whether I feel pressure, of course I do and I’m a perfectionist and I want that to be, you know, I want this buzz to meet everybody’s expectations, surpass everybody’s expectations of the people that do support me. Because you got so many people that don’t support you, but to the ones that do, they look at me and they see big things and I don’t want to disappoint them. So to say I don’t have pressure, I’d be lying, I do. I feel it all the time, I feel like yo, I have to make this a masterpiece.”

-Also included are flicks from the shoot.

for YM *Yung Moneyy's Bedrock. From their new album *We Are Yung Moneyy
which is due out Dec.21

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rapper *THE GAME had this to sayy about fellow artist and *SENSATION Drakee

Drake’s the man! Drake is fuckin’ phenomenal. I like Drake, he’s dope as fuck. Lyrically that dude, the shit he says and where he gets it from is crazy. Drake is dope. I haven’t heard a bad song yet.

Seems like *Drake has more fans then just horny teen girls , hopefully his album *Thanks Me Later which will be released *February 16 2o1o will live up to all the hype
*Chris Brown plans on sitting down with Robin Roberts to do a 2o/2o *tell all interview
Check out the *OFFICIAL track listing for Lil Wayne's *Rebirth album

1. American Star – Feat Shanell aka SNL

2. Prom Queen – Feat Shanell aka SNL

3. Ground Zero

4. Da Da Da

5. Paradice

6. Get A Life

7. On Fire

8. Drop The World – Feat Eminem

9. Runnin – Feat Shanell aka SNL

10. One Way Trip – Feat Kevin Rudolf

11. Knockout – Feat Nicki Minaj

12. The Price Is Wrong

Friday, November 27, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

The Bee'Hive is about to explode...

Music jugurnot *Beyonce said these words during her final show in the U.K.

“I’ll see you in a year with a new album.”

Check out this new promo picture for *Chris Brown's album *Grafitti

*Britney Spears Fans rejoice the singer will be heading back to the studio *immediately as she readies for the release of her 7th studio album which is due out *JUNE 2o1o.!

My How You've....GROWN?

Thanks to my big bro *JachinPapo for this picturee.!

Check out this amazing video by artist *Cheryl Cole it features Black Eyed Peas member *Will.I.Am the song is titled *3words & the video is absolutely marvelous.

Withh The Fame Monster not doing as well as hoped on the charts *LadyGaGa has kicked her promotional efforts into overdrive even stopping by the amazing *Ellen show to deliver a heartfelt and emotional performance of *Speechless which can be heard on *The Fame.Monster! CHeck it out below & tell me this girl cant SANG!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Check out this first look at Nicki Minaj's *BRAND NEW photo shoot with of an of course *Barbie theme.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well..Uhm Miss American Idol *Fantasia will be releasing her third album in March to coincide with her VH1 Reality show , but *Tasia'attics dont worry....Her new single will be released in January of 2o1o.
Soooo Usher fans brace yourself...*OKAY have the 3 of you left got your walkers handy?

Well Usher's new album *Raymond vs Raymond i think is the title DONT QUOTE ME , has been pushed back until further notice. A source interviewd by MTV had this to say about the pushing back

We believe that the album is so strong that we want
to give it the opportunity to have the proper setup
before coming out.”

in other words *uhm we wanna make sure this album sales , because right now NO ONE CARES.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sooo...uhmmm yahh the ever *cuddly Diggy Simmons is planning on releasing a...mixtape entitled *The First Flight. Uhmm? Im baffled at the thought of him randomly pulling a rap career out his ass , but i respect his wardrobe , if i could fit his clothing line *Space Cadet then i would most deffinitely... LMFAO , hell no i wouldnt wear that shit either , but i do like the way he dresses so i WILL support his clothing line . Anywayy , he plans on releasing the mixtape midnight Nov.27th , *uhmm is it bad that i actually wanna see this car crash drag on a little bit? Uhmm check out the first single *Point to Prove Below....Errrr? Atleast he better then JoJo! LMAO


Did Iman Chanel not look *FIERCE at the Victoria Secret RunWay Event


Diddy recently celebrated his *4oth birthdayy.....


but since when was Diddy JUST 4o.? I swear he been around since Moses dropped his hit track *Jesus.way , but anywayy back to the important part.

The celebrities were in full glamour mode for the event. Check out the pics below.

*Nelly twit pic

Congrats goes to Kandi *Real Housewives of Atlanta on opening her very own store named *TAGS

-Artist Spotlight

-Name*Jessie James
-From* Born in Italy -*Raised in Georgia
-Label*Island Def Jam
-Vibe*Sassy Country with a Catchy Pop Mood
-Comparable*Early Christina Aguilera with a Carrie Underwood feel
-Albums* Jessie James -*August 11,2oo9

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So i've finally gotten my thoughts together on the video. and while its different i still... it.
I was sooo worried about how *Beyonce and *LadyGaga would mesh on a video together with them both being such *Huge DA-DA-DiVA'S in the music world todayy , but it came together well.... NO AMAZINGLY . Seeing Lady GaGa and Beyonce like square off with each other posing and dancing was just the icing on top of my dream cake , and it taste OH - SO - SWEET! The only thing i *Didnt like was that the direction of the video was *DIRECTIONLESS. Me like other people were wondering WTF do guns have to do with anything?


i came up with my own theory , loL. *ahem , clears throat. The Guns are supposed to represent the Viewer of the video phone "FIRING" off his bullets....GET IT.. aah? Aaah? ANYWAY , lol Cool Video , awesome to see two diva's of there stature together , but i think it coulda been better.!

When LAME JANE became aSensation

There once was a time when being different actually ment something , but now a days being different means your just like her - him - and them. Now in order to fit in your must have weird hair , tight pants , and bright shoes. To me you were a LAME 2years ago &' your most deffinitely still a LAME NOW , but thats just my opinion. I mean you have people with absolutely *NO TALENT , being considered *TALENTED. I mean i believe if you dont have SHIT to bring to my table , you wont be eating with me.
*in other words you were a nobody before your still a nobody to me.! I know this post may seem Oh So random , but its really not. A friend of mine was bragging about a certain *LOCAL star , their local for a reason , and i went to go check them out, and they were PURE SHIT. It seems like all it takes for someone to be considered a *Great Artist is bright colors and quirkiness... SMH Its just aggravating. Just Seems like the world rather be the next *Fill in blank , instead of the first themselves. and OMGAH while i am ranting , what is up with all these *HighSchool clique rappers. Like seriously , your lines are so elementary that my 3year old sister would question your intelligence. Im just saying *IF your gonna be a rapper atleast offer something that will make me listen to you *OUTSIDE of when your shoving your basement made mixed tapes down my throat! Just because you wear skinny jeans , are liked by the nobodies , and/or have a fan base of little girls who want nothing more but be your groupie , does *Not mean i want you to be crowding my Facebook newsfeed with your bullshit attempt at being a rapper....Rapping isnt for every little adolescent boy who needs a confidence boost.! Okay!!? I hope you understand. Put on some pants , get a shirt that fits , and go do something productive with your life


-Well rant over.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Like the song playing?

*Have it

*Discover and Download

-Todayy on TV

Well due to events out of my control i was able to come home , and catchh up on TV.
The first show i watched was *For the Love of Ray J... This season so far has been *Good. I like the girls somewhat better , even though its still early , im still tryna get a glimpse of their personality , i really like.... *welp idk her name.! but they were in the hot tub on tonights episode.
&*OMGAH its crazy how that one chick like snapped , shows you that not everyone is what they seem...Deffinitely watch tonights episode.!

The second show i was able to watch was
I Want to Work for Diddy..this season is *AMAZING , its like the people really wanna work for him...*BUT this is reality tv so you NEVER know.! Uhm one person that im deffinitely
*NOT liking is IVORY , she is just too much for me. Her attitude ,
her bad HORRIBLE the words of Poprah from tonights episode she "looks like a roach in a hairpiece" lol LMAO. OMGAH its like in tonights episode someone went home that shouldnt have went.. Going from best interviewed to being wrongfully not beng able to work for Diddy is effed up. But ohwell tonights episode is a MUST SEE.